The costs associated with the management of the retirement village residents is funded through levies. The basic levy is calculated according to the size of the unit. The levy rate is currently R14,70/m2.

Monthly fees cover the costs of running the resort. It is used for the following:

• Maintenance of common facilities and Care Unit
• Maintenance and upkeep of all units (external maintenance)
• Garden Services
• Insurance of all buildings and dwellings
• 24 Hour Security
• Water (common areas)
• Electricity (common areas)
• Management and staff

Owners are responsible for maintaining the interior of their units, insurance on household contents, municipal rates and services, meals and cleaning services as needed. The association is responsible for all external maintenance to all units.

Great care is taken to minimize levies without compromising the quality of any services. The standard of services will have a direct impact on the reputation of the resort and the value of the units on re-sale.

In addition to the basic levy, a frail care levy of R391,00 per person per month is charged which is adjusted annually. The charge is exclusively used for frail care in the Frail Care Unit. Each unit must have at least one owned frail care right. When a person with a frail care right is admitted in the Care Unit an additional charge of R140,50 per day, as well as meals charge, is payable.

Levies, The Caves Retirement Village

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Levies, The Caves Retirement Village

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