Only a LIMITED number of apartments are still available in Block G.

Apartments, The Caves Retirement Village

Apartment Block G

The apartments have garages.

All units have a bathroom consisting of toilet, sink and shower.
All the apartments have a private balcony (first floor) or patio (ground floor).
The building is fully equipped with an elevator and two sets of fire stairs on either side of the building for safe evacuation if necessary.  


  • Two bedroom apartments - 71m2 PLAN
  • Garage or carport of 18m2 excluded in the above areas.    

The third phase apartments have been completed since October 2018. It is a two storey building containing the following units:

  • Two bedroom apartment (ground floor) with garage - 71m2 Plan (From R1 440 000)
  • Two bedroom apartment (first floor) with garage - 71m2 Plan (From R1 390 000)


Apartments, The Caves Retirement Village


1. Roofs: Pre-painted Chromadek
2. Facias and barges: Fibre cement, painted
3. Rainwater goods: Aluminium, pre-painted
4. Walls: Plaster and paint
5. Window sills: Plaster and paint
6. Outside doors: Wood, painted
7. Garage doors: Metal, rolling-up doors, pre-painted

1. Ceilings and cornice: Plasterboard, painted

2. Walls:
2.1 Plaster and paint
2.2 Bathroom Walls: Tiles on walls 1,500mm high
2.3 Kitchen: Tiles on walls 600mm high

3. Floors:
3.1 Rooms: Carpets
3.2 Bathrooms: Tiles
3.3 Living room: Tiles
3.4 Outside porches: Tiles


The following items are included in the prices quoted:  

• Transfer fees, transfer duty
• Admission listed on price schedule